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2023 One Show - Social Media

This is a Beats Ad

Agency Rosewood Creative / Los Angeles + Beats by Dre / Culver City

Client Beats by Dre


Social Post / Single Platform Series

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About the Work

In 2022, Rosewood Creative created a TikTok campaign for Beats by Dre called This is a Beats Ad. This campaign sought to do “authenticity” a little differently, by leaning into the inherent awkwardness of sponsored content. TikTok is typically raw, honest and relatable, so when sponsored and branded content pops up, it usually feels forced and the audience isn’t fooled. So how do we actually get people to pay attention to sponsored content with such a savvy audience? We did it by being less subtle. Instead of trying to be “authentic,” we tried to be real. We didn’t try to hide that we were making ads. We made it obvious, and more importantly, entertaining.  After all, Beats has always been known for its use of in-your-face product placement. So instead of fake authenticity, we had our creators embrace the awkward fakeness of “sponcon” and have fun with it.  We collaborated with six creators with over 6M in reach to create concepts that fit their unique voices and spoofed what fans expect from typical advertising partnerships. We got Ben Palmer to stage an email thread between himself and Beats’ marketing team to try to perfect a promotional script. KP Parker impersonated an unenthused influencer fulfilling their millionth brand deal of the month. Connor Boyd staged a back and forth between the “marketing team” and himself to poke fun at the typical relationship between corporations and creators. Then, our creators used the Duet feature to duet their original content and extend the joke by continuing to make fun of the advertising they created.  The success was undeniable. With our first six posts, we saw a 89% increase in engagement rate, a 298% increase in completion rate, a 240% increase in average watch time while our organic views increased by 147%.  More important than metrics, the comments and conversation around our content told us that we were doing it right. Comments like “this is amazing advertising lol” to “Bruh

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21



Rosewood Creative / Los Angeles

Client / Brand

Beats by Dre / Culver City

Creative Director

J Smith

Executive Creative Director

Charles Gschwend


K.o. Asante

Associate Creative Director

Tobi Hirano

Senior Copywriter

Martha Lees

Brand manager

Olivia Gomez

Corporate Communications, Social Lead

Abby McCormick

Director of Project Management

Laura Paulino

Head of Corporate Communications

Sarah Joyce

Jr. Creative

Kennedy Clark

Managing Partner

Amir Mohamadzadeh

Partner, Growth

Jeremy Iovine

Senior Brand Director

Dean Castano

Senior Strategy Director

Kate Myers

Social Project Manager

Christina Collins

Sr. Producer

Mycah Seals

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