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2023 One Show - Social Media

Buy My Cancer

Agency Ogilvy Poland / Warsaw

Client Alivia Cancer Foundation


Craft / Use of Visuals

Annual ID


About the Work

Insight NFTs have seen a huge surge in popularity. In 2022, nearly $41billion of crypto was spent on NFT marketplaces. However, most of NFTs serve little purpose beyond proving the owner possesses something rare. Meanwhile, cancer remains one of the world’s biggest killers. Accounting for nearly 1 in 6 deaths worldwide. But while many cancers can now be cured, the cost of treatment can be astronomical. Especially when it comes to rare cancers. Could rare NFTs be used to fund treatment for rare cancers? Idea Buy My Cancer is an innovative funding model designed to help cover the costly treatment of rare cancers. Turning real patients’ living cancer cells into beautiful and powerful pieces of art, which are then auctioned. All funds raised go to life-saving treatment for these patients, and further research into rare cancer treatments. Execution A real patient’s living cancer cells are photographed using a confocal microscope – creating high resolution three-dimensional images. These beautiful and powerful images are then transformed into pieces of art, minted into NFT collections, put up for auction, and advertised to collectors through social media and PR. Once this collection has been sold, and the proceeds have gone on to fund the patient’s life-saving cancer treatment, the process begins again with a new patient. And so on and so on, continually saving lives with each unique NFT collection. Results The first cancer images came from Jakub – who suffers from a rare and resistant form of aggressive B-cell lymphoma. Just weeks after Buy My Cancer launched, Jakub successfully collected 102% of the amount that was needed to start CAR-T treatment (EUR 250 000). Forbes wrote that Buy My Cancer brings purpose to the NFT format. Before the project existed, there were no laws covering fundraising using NFTs. Our lawyers created a proposition that was submitted and approved by the Polish Ministry of Finance. We shared this legal proposition on GitHub to help facilitate the creation of the future NFT and crypto fundraising projects. Project was discussed by members of the EU Parliament and top Oncologists at the 8th International Oncology Forum in Brussels. It was named a “new hope” for funding cancer treatment globally.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 21



Ogilvy Poland / Warsaw


Nicola Wood

Chief Creative Officer

Stephan Vogel
Pete Case


Bartosz Dziadosz

Creative Director

Angus George
Johnny Watters

Director of Photography

Jan Jagielski

Executive Creative Director

Maciej Twardowski


Jacek Piątek


Przemysław Haas


Awie Erasmus

Chief Executive Officer

Agnieszka Wasilewska

Design Director

Connor Fleming

Global Chief Creative Officer

Liz Taylor

Head of Production

George Sholley

Senior Art Director

Tomasz Włodarczyk

Senior Copywriter

Maria Kurzyca
Tomasz Zieliński

Vice Chairman

Rory Sutherland

Aid Programs Manager

Joanna Frątczak-Kazana

Blockchain Lead

Agon Advimetaj

Business Director

Urszula Śpiewak


Bartosz Poliński
Jacek Kulczycki
Michael Jurkovac

Chief Financial Officer

Magdalena Łukaszewicz

Chief strategy Officer

Elżbieta Twardowska

Communication Specialist

Martyna Pawlikowska

Creative & Strategy Officer

Charlie Coney

Creative Agency Partner

Adam Nowakowski

Creative Excellence Director

Benita Goder-Dent

Creative Strategist

Robert Olszewski

Crypto & Blockchain Advisor

M.L. Post


Arben Kane


Ryszard Smolarczyk
Tomasz Cichoń
Tomasz Rutkowski

EMEA Chief Executive Officer

Patou Nuytemans

Executive Content Producer

Paweł Jóźwik

Executive Director of Design

Gabriel Usadel

Global Chief Executive Officer

Rob Hill

Global Deputy Chief Creative Officer

Joe Sciarrotta

Global Director of Creative Excellence

Harley Saftler

Global Managing Director

Stephen Fraser

Global PR Director

David Ford

Global Social Media Director

John Vetrano

Head of Social Media Digital Strategy

Diana Sano

Lead Curator

Aurelija Songailaite

Marketing & Fundraising Director

Aleksandra Banaszkiewicz


Aleksander Pawłowski

Online Marketing Specialist

Aneta Witaszek

Painter & Artist

Paweł Swanski

PR Account Executive

Dominika Janik

PR Director

Tomasz Cichocki

PR manager

Natalia Korab


Jacek Jassem
Sebastian Giebel

Project Management Director

Marcelina Ścigała

Proof reader

Maria Węcowska


Alexa Benitez

Social Amplification

Lance Laifer

Social Media Art Director

Camille Naude

Social Media Copywriter

Eva Cywinski

vice CEO

Agata Polińska

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