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2023 One Show - Social Media

Truth, Dare or Dollar

Agency ATTN: + Cash App

Client Cash App


User-Generated Content

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Mobile payment apps like Venmo have high awareness amongst Millennials but weren't authentically connecting with Gen Z. Cash App saw an opportunity to build real relationships with them. The insight? Gen Z doesn’t just use Cash App as a money transfer app. They use it to stay connected with their friends – pooling money for their adventures, splitting the costs of meals and raising money to take on new projects. The idea? Truth, Dare or Dollar – a branded TikTok Effect invited friends to play a game of Truth or Dare with a fun Cash App twist. Friends encouraged friends to take turns spilling tea, completing mischievous dares or sending each other money each time they wanted out. ATTN: and Cash App activated real social circles made up of creators known for their collaboration and friendship with one another, including beloved Gen Z creators like@pierson, @lexibrookerivera and @dtay.known and more. Truth, Dare, or Dollar generated 106M reach in views with 239K+ engagements (total clicks on the effect), exceeding performance benchmarks for Video Creation by 28%. 17.3k earned organic posts were created – including organic posts by creators such as @tuckercomedy (2.7M followers) and @noahglenncarter (6.7M followers). Cultural relevance and participation were high. The average person who engaged with the branded filter spent nearly 2.5 minutes playing the game. In total, 23,308 hours were spent with the branded effect on the platform. In a social economy where capturing attention is harder than ever, ATTN: took a classic game and gave it a unique brand spin, but Cash App’s integration wasn’t self-serving – it was utility. Having the option to Cash App your way out upped the stakes of the game, giving people a playful out when they didn’t want to spill the tea or complete a dare.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 9




Client / Brand

Cash App

Creative Director

Ally Bernstein

Group Creative Director

Brad Jones

Casting Director

Cameron Choate

Design Director

Joel Woodman

Animation Director

Evan McEneaney

Brand Creative Director

Andrei Chahine

Brand Lead

Will Simpson

Brand Marketing

Tracey Russo

Brand Media Lead

Derek Lu

Clearance Coordinator

Kathryn Weisz


Jarrett Moreno

Creative Producer

Lizz Warner

General Counsel

Shyla Brown

Growth Marketing Lead

Anthony Koh-Bell

Head of Growth Marketing

Dyan Khor

Head of Sales - West

Mike Matzke

Managing director

Ray Kang

Program Director

Talia Nutting

Senior Campaign Strategist

Evelyn Nila

Senior Editor

David Palmeri

Senior Project Manager

Lizzy Berdoff

Social Marketing Lead

Maggie Rummel
Maria Butt

Sr. Motion Designer

Shana Nielsen

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