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2023 One Show - Cultural Driver

Morning After Island

Agency Ogilvy Honduras / Tegucigalpa + 14 al Centro Latam / Tegucigalpa

Client Grupo Estratégico PAE


Best of Cultural Driver

Annual ID


About the Work

13 years ago, Honduras became the only country in Latin America to ban the morning after pill. Already one of the most conservative countries in the region, this single act represented a massive step backwards for women’s rights and wellbeing, with predictable results: Since then, 330,000 underage girls have become mothers. Today, one out of every four Honduran women and girls will become pregnant before turning 18, fully half raped by the men closest to them.

GE PAE is an NGO that has fought for over a decade to repeal the prohibition, facing serious headwinds: no media budget, no support from the private sector, zero institutionalized sexual health education , and a conservative national media allied with the same religious leaders that call them murderers.

How could we provide a solution for desperate women, without risking their freedom? In the end, the insight was simple: if our rights are denied in our own homeland, why not go where no government or establishment has the power to stop us— international waters. So came the idea for Morning After Island. A platform to take the pill without fear of prosecution, to raise our voices, be seen and heard by the world, with no one to silence us. Where we could build support and pressure our government for change.

We built the platform and scheduled regular voyages free of cost to any woman who needed the pill. We then produced the first short video with a female rights activist. Less than a week after launch, influencers from the US to Argentina to India were calling on their millions of followers to show their support. This initial virality earned coverage from CNN International; from there, the momentum became unstoppable. We’d achieved our main goal: this issue could no longer be silenced by traditional Honduran media or its government officials.

The President invited GEPAE to a formal meeting on International Woman’s Day, where they discussed the issue of the morning after pill. Simultaneously, Congress met to discuss the many additional problems facing Honduran women. As a result, in October, the health minister announced that the use of the morning-after pill will be authorized for rape victims.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 90

Best of Discipline Pencil



Ogilvy Honduras / Tegucigalpa

Production Company

14 al Centro Latam / Tegucigalpa


Angel Barahona

Chief Creative Officer

Jéssica Apellániz
Liz Taylor


Julián Maira

Executive Creative Director

Andrés Villalobos

Account Director

Ericka Coello

Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo Ching

Global Director of Creative Excellence

Harley Saftler

Head of Communications

Edgardo Melgar

Head of PR

Jimena Andino

Head of strategy

Alan Cruz

Regional Director of Creative Excellence

Adriana Weinberg

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