2013 One Show Interactive Jury

Liz Sivell

Executive Creative Director

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Liz is responsible for shaping the agency's interactive vision, working closely with the brand and environment teams to create engaging and effective branded experiences for their existing and potential clients. Liz believes that curiosity breeds great creativity and creates a professional environment for the team in which they can feel energised and stimulated, set free to observe human behaviour and interactivity to help solve problems for her clients. She is always looking for different ways of working and techniques to make talent and clients think differently. Liz has worked internationally (including Australia, China, Europe and the USA) for ISOBAR, Profero, R/GA; across projects for adidas , Nike, Nokia, C.O.I.-FRANK, Unilever and MINI. Her breadth of work includes creating immersive campaign experiences, retail installations, and managing project implementation and production and brand analysis. She has won numerous awards over the years, including Webby Awards, Design Marketing, Design week, World





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