2013 One Show Entertainment Jury

Rob Donnell

Founder & President

Brand Arc

Santa Monica, CA

Rob Donnell, an award-winning veteran of the advertising industry, is founder and president of Brand Arc, a Santa Monica-based branded entertainment firm responsible for groundbreaking product integrations across TV, film, video games, mobile and digital platforms.

His deals for longtime client Toyota include three consecutive seasons of highly visible integration into ABC’s Emmy-winning comedy, “Modern Family,” nine consecutive seasons in Bravo’s hit competition show, “Top Chef,” and recent car giveaways to recession-wracked guests on the syndicated talk show “Ellen.”

Donnell and his team created the first-ever co-promotion between a pharmaceutical marketer, Roche, and a feature film, Warner Bros.’ blockbuster “Happy Feet.”

In other firsts, he helped integrate the Toyota Yaris into five separate sketches on Fox’s late-night comedy, “Mad TV,” created the first brand-financed mobisodes with Sprint for the action thriller, “Prison Break,” and initiated the first-ever brand-sponsored DVD prequel for Fox’s hit drama, “24.”

Though Donnell launched his company in 2005 primarily to service Toyota, he has also worked with an impressive list of clients including Lexus, AT&T, Roche and GSW.




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