2014 One Show IP & Products Jury

Julie Beeler


Second Story


Julie Beeler is a design leader and co-founder of Second Story whose work is at the intersection of art, technology, and storytelling. Passionate about educating, inspiring, and informing diverse audiences through storytelling innovation, Julie's work builds powerful connections between people and the world of ideas. Collaborating with some of the world's most respected cultural institutions such as MoMA, Smithsonian, Getty, Library of Congress, Harvard Graduate School of Design as well as nationally recognized brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Target, she leads in the creation of a wide variety of story driven digital media experiences. She believes that story-driven design changes minds by bringing the voices of the people into the fabric of communities—ultimately informing future generations.

The integrated interaction design studio she co-created with her partner Brad Johnson has a 20-year history of excellence in pioneering innovative, useful, lasting, and democratic forms of communication. Julie's design leadership fueled the success of the studio by cultivating visionary design talent dedicated to problem solving for issues that face our environment, culture, and citizens. Julie's current focus is amplifying the art of interactive storytelling through the cultivation of visionary clients that appreciate the impact of story driven design and fostering new generations of designers to design a better world. She has garnered over 400 awards from all the industry's top interactive design competitions, including recognition in the National Design Awards. She has served on the national board of directors for the AIGA and continues to speak extensively at design conferences, industry events, and universities.




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