2014 One Show Design Jury

Jakob Trollbäck


Trollbäck + Company

New York

Jakob Trollbäck is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Trollbäck+Company, a New York-based creative agency.

Swedish-born Trollbäck had an early passion for technology and music; he built synthesizers in his teens and owned a record store by the time he reached his twenties. To advertise the nightclub he opened and DJed for in Stockholm, he designed posters on a Macintosh IIC. He was immediately hooked on design, and began creating posters and logotypes for artists and friends. His growing love of typography brought him to a type conference in New York City, where he was seduced by the bustling city and its creative energy. He returned to Stockholm, sold everything he had–including his enormous vinyl collection—and purchased a one-way plane ticket across the Atlantic.

Hired as a designer for R/Greenberg, Jakob started to work with film title sequences and commercials. While new to the motion graphic field, he quickly realized that good design in motion should incorporate rhythm, sequencing and emotion– all elements familiar to a DJ. In 1999, Jakob went out on his own to launch Trollbäck+Company, a design studio that quickly became known for its clean, systematic and emotional design. For fifteen years, Trollbäck+Company has been a touchstone for advertisers, marketers, and nearly every major television network seeking a trusted design partner to help navigate the sea of change within the media landscape. Specializing in motion graphics, the Trollbäck team presents comprehensive design strategies to networks looking to launch new channels or re-imagine a visual vocabulary for their core business; clients include AMC, TNT, Nickelodeon, A&E, Cooking Channel, Al Jazeera America, and the Weather Channel.

A frequent lecturer at universities and industry events, Jakob is involved with numerous cultural and industrial organizations. Over the years, he has created 18 TED openings and two Ted Talks, a nod to his early work with Richard Saul Wurman. Constantly fascinated by the perspectives contributing to science, technology and art, he is on the trustee boards at BAM, ADC, AICP Digital, PromaxBDA, and TDC, and advises for PopTech and the World Science Festival.

Trollbäck+Company has received dozens of creative-industry awards, including a Primetime Emmy award, and their work has been showcased in the prestigious Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial. The creative agency has moved to the forefront of digital media with several large digital installations and its own line of smartphone apps. Recently, the company has expanded their studio in SoHo and steadily adds to their creative and strategic teams to meet the increasing demand for their key offering: unexpected creative solutions that seamlessly embed intellectual and strategic goals.




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