2009 One Show Radio Judges

John Kearse



In 1993, John needed a real job. Instead, he moved to Oregon and played in a band. In 1998, John still needed a real job. Holding a degree in advertising from Syracuse University, he put his book together and landed in Dallas at Publicis. Two years later he packed it up for Boston to work at Arnold, where he remains to this day. He's worked for a range of clients, including Truth, Monster.com, Tag Body Spray, Celebrity Cruise Lines and Timberland. Currently, he spends most of his billable hours as Creative Director for Truth. He's won lots of Pencils, Andys, Lions, Kellys, Effies, Addys, Radio Mercurys, ADC Cubes, Clios, an Emmy, a couple of golf trophies, and he's been in CA a few times. Someday he plans to move to Oregon and play in a band.




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