2017 One Show Interactive Jury

Tera Hatfield

Experience Design Lead, The Lodge

Wieden + Kennedy


Tera Hatfield is a native of the Pacific Northwest and an experience design lead at Wieden+Kennedy. With a background in visual design and architecture, Tera’s curiosity and creative superpowers lie at the antidisciplinary intersection of user-centered digital and physical design.

She leads multidisciplinary teams within the Lodge, a creative group at W+K that uses design and engineering to create technology that feels human. Her work is diverse, spanning the design and fabrication of products, VR, retail environments, and, yes, even robots. She’s won national architecture awards and in general is fond of prototypes, A-frames, Bucky Fuller, and f-bombs.

Tera finds joy in her wonderfully strange professional endeavors and adventures, frequently jumping off cliffs into uncertain seas, creating delicious, connected human experiences while experimenting with new technologies. Say hello—she fights for good.




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