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The One Show is the world's most prestigious award show in advertising, design and digital marketing. For over 40 years, the Gold Pencil has been regarded as one of the top prizes in the creative industry. The One Show has had a rich legacy of honoring some of the most groundbreaking ideas, created by some of the most remarkable minds in creativity.


2010 One Show Entertainment Judges

Susan Bonds

42 Entertainment


Susan Bonds is a pioneer in the genre of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and the architect behind 42 Entertainment's critically acclaimed interactive experiences. As President and CEO, Susan builds and manages the teams that design, create, and execute 42's diverse projects. She has over 20 years of experience as a producer in the entertainment and technology industries.

In 2008, 42 Entertainment was behind the groundbreaking marketing campaign for Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight, the blockbuster Batman film that went on to become the second-highest grossing movie of all time. More than 10-million people around the world participated in the ARG, which sought to bring Gotham City to life through various mediums. The year before, 42 had taken the music world by storm, working with Nine Inch Nails to produce Year Zero, a first-of-its-kind concept album, combining music with multimedia and interactive storytelling. The campaign was awarded the Cyber Grand Prix at the 2007 Cannes Lions International festival. Other notable 42 Entertainment campaigns include, ilovebees, the 2004 ARG used to launch Microsoft's wildly popular X-Box game Halo 2, and The Vanishing Point, a global puzzle event to promote Windows Vista. Before joining 42, Susan served as Chief Design and Production Officer for Cyan Worlds, a company best known for creating the worlds of Myst and Riven, two of the best-selling computer entertainment products of all time. It was Susan's first foray into the virtual world, after spending much of her early career as an industrial engineer at Walt Disney.

Susan got her start at Disney in 1980, working on the EPCOT project in Orlando, Florida. She then left the company for a stint in the aerospace industry with Lockheed Aeronautical Systems, before returning to Disney as an "Imagineer" in 1990. In this role, she served as Project Manager on "Alien ExtraTERRORestrial Encounter" and, notably, assumed creative leadership on the "Indiana Jones Adventure." Working hand-in-hand with creator George Lucas, Susan produced and designed the adventure, which went on to become one of the most popular theme park attractions in history.

Susan served ten years as a Creative Director/Senior Show Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, directing the design and development of major attractions, themed architecture, Internet entertainment projects, and proprietary new ride systems. Her portfolio spanned Tokyo, California, Florida, and New York. Susan has an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Georgia State University.




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