2017 One Show Social Influencer Marketing

Sarah Penna

Head of Awestruck


Sarah Penna is the Head of Awestruck, a digital entertainment and lifestyle brand from AwesomenessTV targeting millennial moms. In this role, Penna is responsible for overseeing day to day operations of the brand, identifying and signing talent, and business development. Penna also co-founded Big Frame, one of the top talent management firms in the digital space.

Recognizing the importance of talent, Penna helped to establish Big Frame as an industry leading media company and talent management firm with 300 talent signed, who have a combined 70+ million YouTube subscribers and have a total social media reach of 200+ million followers. Dubbed “CAA for the digital set,” Big Frame was acquired by AwesomenessTV in April 2014.

Penna's expertise in digital content creation and talent management has made her a sought-after speaker with engagements at VidCon, BlogHer Pro, ComicCon, CES, Digital Hollywood, Social Media Week and more.

When she is not scouting new talent and nurturing digital influencers, Penna spends time with the biggest stars in her life, two-year-old son Jonah and husband Joe Penna a.k.a. MysteryGuitarMan.




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