2017 One Show Social Influencer Marketing

Brendan Gahan


Epic Signal

Brendan was referred to as the “Don Draper of Social Video” by The New York Observer.

A pioneer in the field of social-video marketing, Brendan founded Epic Signal in 2013. Today, the company works with Fortune 500 brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and PepsiCo on YouTube influencer and community-building campaigns.

Brendan was among the first to recognize the potential of social-video celebrities to advance brand strategies -- as evidenced by his groundbreaking 2006 collaboration with YouTube-based comedy team Smosh.

At the time, Brendan admits, this central insight seemed obvious. “I recognized that creators like Smosh were undervalued and overlooked . . . I was looking at the amount of comments and subscribers constantly growing and realized A LOT of people care about these creators. At the same time ads seemed totally invisible.”[1]

Brendan’s visionary work has garnered him a wide range of industry accolades, including a spot on the Forbes’ “30 Under 30: The Brightest Minds Rocking The Marketing World.” He currently serves on the advisory board for Vidcon, the world’s largest YouTube gathering. And in 2013, he was invited to the White House to consult on digital strategies for raising awareness of the Affordable Care Act among young Americans.

Last year, Brendan launched The Confessional -- an anonymous interview series that advances the dialogue between brands and YouTube creators.

He was previously the VP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen, and the Director of Social Media for the creative agency Mekanism.




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