2017 One Show Cross-Platform Jury

Luciana Cardoso

Creative Director


New York

Luciana started her career in advertising over 20 years ago after watching Crazy People, a film about an account executive who decides (spoiler alert) to brainstorm with a bunch of lunatics in a mental ward.

That seemed to be a fascinating way to make a living.

Luciana’s first position was as a junior copywriter at DM9 São Paulo, current DM9DDB. Following that, she went to Lisbon for her first international experience. There, she worked for Lintas, JWT – where she won her first Cannes Lion - and TBWA.

Luciana then went to Madrid, where she worked at Y&R for clients like Telefonica and Repsol.

After 4 years abroad, Luciana returned to Brazil and re-joined DM9, before going to Ogilvy and Fischer America.

Luciana then decided to start her own agency and co-founded Bold Conteúdo, one of the first agencies in Brazil focused on Branded Content.

One year later, she decided to go back to the big league, now with a new skill in her pocket.

That decision paid off. Luciana re-re-joined DM9 (yes, we really like each other) winning awards, accounts and writing lines that really stuck in people’s minds. Johnson and Johnson’s, Whirlpool and Telefonica were the main brands that Luciana worked for, brainstorming with a bunch of lunatics in the process.

Isobar and JWT were her next steps. At the later, Luciana was a creative director for Avon, Nestlé and Warner.

In January of 2017, Luciana packed again and hit New York. But this time, with her husband and son - who’s already more interested in basketball than soccer. She’s a creative director at FCB New York, currently working manly with Nestlé and Biersdorf.

It’s been a great journey. Thank you, Dudley Moore.




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