2008 One Show Judges

Joe DeSouza



Joe De Souza is a qualified librarian. And he's proud of it. For him a book will always be the richest source of nourishment, especially if it is made out cheese, ham and rye. And the bookmark is a fish. Failing to write his own book, De Souza groveled his way into Mother London, where he was put in charge of awards administration. He also wrote ads and won some awards, including a D&AD Gold for his work on Britart. In 2004, he groveled his way into Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, becoming Creative Director on Electronic Arts, and three years later moved to Fallon London, where he is currently honing his groveling technique and eating books. He hopes to be reincarnated one day as a gruff but brilliant forensic scientist on CSI: Malibu.




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