2019 One Show Intellectual Property Jury

Leah Caplan

Director, Design and Project Management Consultant

Birsel + Seck

New York

Leah Caplan has been collaborating with Ayse Birsel and the Birsel + Seck Team for 20+ years or as they like to say, “since they were kids.” Deemed by Ayse as a Creative Doula, Leah helps companies and individuals to give birth to their most creative ideas.

She has a broad range of experience from branding to product development and systems design for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as fashion and food to contract furnishing, ceramics, and sanitaryware.

Her work at Birsel + Seck has included overseeing projects for Colgate-Palmolive, Herman Miller, Johnson & Johnson, Staples, Target, and other leading brands. She is also the Founder of LC&CO Creative, helping smaller, entrepreneurial food and retail establishments build meaningful businesses and branding.

Leah is a native New Yorker who is married to a native Florentine. Food and travel is their obsession.




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