2019 One Show Creative Effectiveness Jury

Mark van Iterson

Director Global Design

Heinekin International


Mark van Iterson is an industrial design engineer by education. After 13 years in design- and brand consultancy, Mark joined Heineken in 2005. He is responsible for all design, packaging and POS development for the Heineken brand worldwide. In the rather traditional beer category, Heineken sets itself apart by its progressive and innovative drive. Design and innovation are key to enhance and elevate the beer experience, build iconic brand equity, create future business concepts, and engage and excite consumers.

Mark was at Heineken head-office for example responsible for all designs around the global ‘open your world’ campaigns and global sponsorship campaigns, the iconic Heineken Star bottle, The SUB, but also more experimental activations like the crowd-sourced Concept-Club and igNite bottle (lights up when ‘cheers’ and on the beat of the music) at Milan- and London Design Week.




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