2019 One Show Cultural Driver Jury

Jordyn Woods


Los Angeles

Jordyn Woods is the new Millennial. We don’t just see her as a model, but as the new wave of “it girls”. Having garnered 8.5 Million followers on Instagram alone, Jordyn is firmly solidifying her name as a body positive role model and designer. Using her strong social media audience, Jordyn wants to continue becoming an advocate for body confidence.

As a healthy body image activist, Jordyn’s awareness of her body and natural beauty, both inside and out, have helped her achieve a position as one of the most recognizable and adored models. Two years ago her father passed of cancer. During this time, she decided to focus on her fitness and health while working to develop brands such as SECNDNTURE that focus on sports and fitness.

Jordyn has been profiled and shot for the likes of Vogue, Refinery 29, Galore, Teen Vogue, Paper, and Elle. Boasting capsule collections with top brands, magazine covers and a tv show.

Jordyn will continue to help change the notion that there is one definition of beauty in the hope that someday people, young and old, are taught to love their body regardless of its size, shape or ethnic background.





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