The One Show

The One Show is the world's most prestigious award show in advertising and design. For over 50 years, the Gold Pencil has been regarded as one of the top prizes in the creative industry. The One Show has a rich legacy of honoring some of the most groundbreaking ideas, created by some of the most remarkable minds in creativity.

One Show 2023 Moving Image Craft & Production Jury

Lee Margolis

Global Executive Creative Director



Once, Lee freelanced for a day at Jerry Della Femina’s final agency Jerry Inc. Lee remembers not being invited back for a second day. Once, Lee showed his portfolio to Brian Buckley. Brian was running Buckley / DeCerchio out of a one bedroom apartment in Union Square. Lee remembers Brian liking the kerning in one of his spec ads. Once, Lee sat near Rob Riley at an agency. Lee remembers the day Rob told him he was leaving New York for Miami to work at a place called Crispin something. Once, on his way back from getting lunch, Lee rode the elevator with Lee Clow. Lee remembers Lee was in town to supervise the Nextel / Sprint merger. Lee wanted to tell Lee his name was also Lee, but chickened-out. Lee remembers having a delicious tuna melt from Pax Deli for lunch that day. Once, on a sunny afternoon Lee remembers making Gerry Graf laugh slightly at one line of copy, in one script. Lee does not remember the script or the client for which it was written. Once, Lee tried to teach Nick Law how to throw a football overhand, not rugby style. Lee failed. Later that year, Lee believes his beard inspired Bob Greenberg to grow a beard too. After all those ‘onces’ Lee joined Mofilm. Since 2017, Lee has provided a launch-pad of collaborative success for its growing pool of diverse creators and filmmakers. What drew Lee to Mofilm is the platform’s ability to champion creators and filmmakers of all kinds. It’s all about films that come from the right place. Once, more recently, Lee had the privilege of working with New York based photographer Poochie Collins for a financial client of Mofilm’s. Check out her work. She is great. And once, another time more recently, Lee had the honor of working with Detroit based filmmaker Ariel Ellis for a spirits client. She is also extremely good. A self-proclaimed amateur graffitist, pitbull owner, vegan taco eater, storyteller, Brooklyn dad, and cancer survivor, Lee knows he is lucky to have had such a successful career working with some of the funniest, most talented, and creative minds around… at least once.




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