2012 One Show Judges

Darren Clarke

Executive Creative Director



Darren Clarke Currently Executive Creative Director at Taxi Toronto. Former bartender turned copywriter in 1997. Fell in love with the business and still love getting up and going to work everyday.

Creative directed Viagra Confessions campaign. Awarded multiple GoldPencils, Gold Lions, Silver D&AD, Clios, Andys, etc... Creative directed Viagra Apologies campaign. Bronze Lion. Wrote the Bud Light 'Good Dog' spot which received the #1 ranking in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter but was ultimately upstaged by Janet Jackson's nipple. Won Bronze Lion. Not the nipple, the spot.

Creative director on The Fight Network campaign. Picked up Gold Lion. Creative directed Yellow Pages campaign and a Bronze Media Lion for thateffort.

Recognized as one of Canada's top Creative Directors and copywriters for thelast 10 years, Strategy Magazine.




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