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YouTube Creators for Change is an ongoing global program dedicated to highlighting positive videos on YouTube that tackle difficult social issues, promote awareness, and inspire empathy. Chosen for their passion and dedication to creating social change, the 50 creators of the 2018 class took on topics like xenophobia, racism, and homophobia.

Our awareness campaign for the CFC program included a TV spot, 8-page spread in the New York Times, and over 500 pieces of content in 14 languages across all social platforms. Launching on The International Day for Tolerance, we also created a Twitter hashflag that allowed users around the world to share how they could create change.

"One view" worked as a double entendre - the personal belief or view of the CFC, as well as the view of a watcher on YouTube. The result was a message of empowerment: one view can create change, and that view could be yours.

My Role was:

As a senior art director at Anomaly, I worked on both the creative concept and the design of the project with Jezz Chung and Jessica Trombatore. We were guided by directors Jane Cronk and Jen Leartanasan. Landing on the concept “One View Can”, we landed on a message of empowerment for a program dedicated to highlighting positivity and social change.

One view has great power. It can open minds, move a generation, or even create change. Throughout the TV spot, we featured all 50 Creators For Change(CFC) and handpicked other change makers and trends that made their starts on YouTube such as Malala Yousafazi, Troye Sivan, and Double Rainbow. Utilizing the YouTube logo, we created a visual mnemonic where the lozenge acts as an arrow, pointing to the cycling through of each individual creator’s cause. As each cause changed, we cut to the matching footage.

We interviewed creators, wrote and designed our New York Times spread, and oversaw video production and language versioning.

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