2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Cannonball / Shoeblack

Agency Denis Kilty

Client Personal Project



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This project was an audiovisual exploration in collaboration with Manor London. The idea was simply to explore the textures and sounds of 2 curious flower species; Chinese Hibiscus - also known as 'Shoeblackplant' - a vibrant multicolour tropical Asian plant traditionally used for shoe polish, and Couroupita Guianensis - also known as the 'Cannonball Tree' - with fruit famous for exploding upon impact, and having an equally vibrant and diverse colour palate with an immersive scent.

The piece explores through two lenses, the close detail of blooming flowers, the natural tension of floral growth and the intense vibrancy of colour. The music encompasses many flittering voices, pianos, and sound design signifying the two flower's birth into the world.

My Role was:

Composer + Sound Designer

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Young Gun
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