2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Bodega Zine

Agency James Simpson

Client Tan & Loose Press



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When I moved from Philadelphia to Brooklyn in 2015 the first thing I noticed was the convenience stores settled on almost every corner. I soon realized how integral these corner stores were to the culture of NYC.

I got really interested in the fact that all these stores shared such a similar aesthetic even though they were all separately owned. After collecting a bunch of photos I gradually developed an illustration style that tried to capture the color and clutter of these corner stores.

When I collected enough drawings I constructed a loose narrative and published them in a 20 page risograph zine with Caboose Press (F.K.A Tan & Loose Press). The result is an homage to these integral small business that help define the city. The zine was featured by It's Nice That and Printed Matter. A second edition will be printed in 2020.

My Role was:

I concepted, illustrated and laid out the zine.

2020 Awards

Young Guns Winner
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