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Vox Flow Thinking

Agency James Simpson

Client Vox & Dropbox



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In 2019 Vox Media commissioned to create an animated piece to promote their new "Flow Thinking" podcast hosted by Ezra Klein and presented by Dropbox. In the podcasts Ezra talks to experts and groundbreaking pioneers about inspiration, creative thinking and how to focus on what matters.

I was given a soundbite from an episode with Alison Gopnik to create a 1 minute animation from. Alison is an expert in early cognitive development and psychology. She spoke with Ezra about how the use of psychedelics can cause adult brains to act very similar to the brains of newborns babies. This became the jumping off point for the animation.

The entire spot was created in 2 weeks from storyboarding to illustration and animation. I took inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 for the Star-child that bookends the piece. I also pulled from Alice In Wonderland for the idea of the tripping caterpillar.

My Role was:

I independently directed, illustrated and animated the piece. The Vox series curator was Dion Lee.

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