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In 2018 Dark Igloo contacted me about creating an animated ident that captured GIPHY as a brand. The brief was centered around the idea of "infinity" and required the use of the brand colors and logo. I wanted to create an animation that captured the experience a user has while scrolling through GIPHY to find the perfect gif. I landed on creating a virtual rollercoaster that could zip through a whimsical world inspired by playfully nostalgic chaos of GIPHY. I ended up taking inspiration from the Regal Cinema intro of the early 90s as well as Space Jam, Blade Runner, Mario Cart and whatever else came to mind. The result is free association fun that hopefully has the viewer spotting new details with each watch.

The animation has been widely used across the company including as a loading screen for searches and as the opening for their first film festival.

My Role was:

I independently directed, illustrated and animated the piece. The art directors for the project were Dave Franzese and Mark Richard Miller of Dark Igloo.

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