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Air Max Day 2020

Agency James Simpson

Client Nike



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In early 2020 Nike approached me to create assets for Air Max Day 2020. The illustrations created would be used as animated instagram stickers and printed promotional material. The intent of the project was to playfully introduce the Air Max 2090 and Verona while highlighting the original shoe as well. After a few rounds of sketches, we landed on creating a mascot for the event. Her name is Maxine the Cloud and she is absolutely obsessed with her Air Max.

Many of the loops took inspiration from the shoes design. The Air Max 90 was modeled after Italian sports cars so it only made sense Maxine would use it to get around. For the 2090 shoe I leaned into the retro-futurism aesthetic of the shoe by turning it into an atom.

Overall, this was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with one of the worlds largest brands.

My Role was:

I concepted, illustrated and animated the project under the art direction of Miyu Shirotsuka and Everett Vangsnes at Nike.

The Air Max zine was designed by Matteus Faria for Nike Japan.

The reel sound design is by Vincent Simpson.

2020 Awards

Young Guns Winner
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