2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Joji - 777

Agency Saad Moosajee

Client 88Rising



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This project features the key scenes, images and animations from my upcoming video for the track 777 by Joji. 777 is a dance driven animated music video, narrated through a series of otherworldly vignettes that echo religious paintings. The film follows a character as they move between heaven and hell; conversing with actors of the afterlife through their movement. 777 attempts to co-opt the aesthetic of European religious art in service of introducing a new, broader language of visual representation towards imagery in the afterlife. Each scene is imagined as a chiaroscuro painting in motion.

My Role was:

My role on this project was as the director. I also served as the lead designer and animator, collaborating with animators Zuheng Yin and ChanYu Chen to animate the video. I wrote and pitched the treatment for the video to the label, the concept of which was rooted in the renaissance era. To realize this idea in animation, I created a bespoke 3D lighting technique that allowed me to mimic the way light and shadow were depicted in renaissance style oil painting.

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