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The future of travel is uncertain. Even before COVID-19 put airlines against the ropes, Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion had started to convince the world that we can?t keep travelling as we do. However, adventure is part of the human blood and Culture Trip is trying to promote a better way of travelling. 7 films with stories from all around the globe in an interactive website that explores a future where travelling is no longer a threat to our planet. I follow the story of Sonya. A badass female scientist who is studying bee pollination in Mexico and biked from Seattle to Santa Cruz (California). The goal was to make our users drop the tourist goggles, and become "the closest to being a migrating bird".

My Role was:

I conceptualized, designed and animated one of the seven films that made the larger project: North America (which is what I'm submitting) )with the supervision of the Art Director of Culture Trip, Giles Dil. I also helped produce the whole interactive by helping Eve Sommerville(producer) find animators and interviewees as well as editing down the audios. This was a cel-animated piece with a quick deadline that I animated in Adobe Animate and added the pencil-like quality in AE.

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