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Las Del Diente


Client CalArts- MFA Experimental animation (Thesis)



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Three women discuss the social pressure to have kids while celebrating the uniqueness of their bodies in this award-winning This short is made for a generation that dances when life gets hard. In the world of flamenco, there is a concept that is relevant to Las del Diente: "duende". An expression to describe when someone is witnessing something magical, real, true. This film is a documentary but, most importantly, is true and full of "duende". A film where women from different parts of the world come together to fight for their rights in a humble an empathetic way.

My Role was:

After years immersed in the strange land of Santa Clarita, I felt my roots pulling hard. I decided to avoid the rational voice in my head that told me that a film in Spanish about my ovaries would condemn me to ostracism and did it anyway. I animated this film from my gut, it is a visceral piece where flamenco music performed by Paola Escobar's feet and a lot of sleepless night in front of Adobe Animate made me realize that I was wrong to believe that a film with subtitles wouldn't be well received in the anglophone world. I fully directed and drew all the frames of the cel-animated piece that played at major festivals around the world such as SXSW or Slamdance, and got the recognition of Vimeo's Staff Picks.

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