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Amarillo is a documentary that explores the links between bananas and human history. The fruit, threatened by extinction through monocropping and a looming epidemic today, has been a silent witness of key events of the twentieth century. This is a hand-drawn expedition that takes the viewer through the fate of the Gros Michel a banana strain that inspired catchy songs and shed light on how telegenic the industry banana is and will remain. The film was drawn an animated on paper at CalArts and played at major festivals. Amarillo was born before Extinction Rebellion, but it's here to remind us that the world needs us.

My Role was:

The film was produced under the CalArts Experimental Animation MFA program. I fully researched, conceptualize and animated the film and collaborated on the audio and music with Laura Sofía Pérez. I drew each frame on punched paper, scanned it and coloured it digitally with photoshop. I would like to use my remaining words to thank the inventors of Dragon Frame and the Animation Toolworks' Video LunchBox. Playback is key!

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