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The Politican Title Sequence

Agency Felix Soletic

Client Ryan Murphy Television / Netflix



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The opening imagines the hero of the series being put together piece by piece. Meticulously assembled and slickly tailored, the finished product is manufactured and manicured to perfection; an ideal presidential dummy, built from the ground up for the job. We thought of it from the beginning as a person being artificially made, like a product to be sold later on. This character has sociopathic tendencies and lives life by collecting things; the right experiences, friendships. relationships, all to make him the perfect presidential candidate. We abstracted those concepts into literal objects, and we compartmentalized them. School pins, Dale Carnegie books, blank checks, prescription drugs. We see all this identity-forming stuff come together to make the man. But, it was also about what else we collect as humans. We learn things. We have trauma. We collect these things and internalize them and they come to define us as human beings.

My Role was:

I was the creative co-director on The Politician's opening title sequence. I came up with and pitched the original concept. After client approval, I developed the initial look styleframes to guide the design team, and worked with my co-creative director on further conceptualizing of the objects. We then structured the overall narrative into a storyboard, and worked with the CG teams on bringing the objects to life using collected references and original designs. We were closely involved in the pre-production of the live action shoot; communicating with tailors, carpenters, production, set designers to align with the original look. We then co-directed the live action shoot, working closely with the show's production team and Ben Platt. After we had the raw material, we oversaw the editing and color sessions while tailoring the CGI to make it all work together.

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