2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Westworld Title Sequence (S1)

Agency Felix Soletic

Client HBO



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Westworld's first season introduces us to the futuristic amusement park intended for the rich vacationers seeking to play out their Western fantasies. It's populated with robotic "hosts", almost indistinguishable from real humans. The opening titles tell the story of their meticulous creation, and the cyclical violence associated with their existence. Muscle by muscle, tendon by tendon, they're works of art and engineering combined; only to be violently used and recycled to fulfill people's darkest fantasies.

My Role was:

I was a designer on the Westworld season 1 opening titles. I worked closely with the creative director to develop the original look and feel, designing several key frames and gathering reference imagery to work out the main story beats. The frames helped inform the lighting, mood and texture of the final piece.

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