2020 Young Guns - Young Guns


Agency Ani Acopian

Client The Governors Ball Music Festival



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I was hired to make videos for The Governors Ball Music Festival last year, and I decided to try out something with my 360 camera. I took my camera to the back of the crowd at a Vince Staples show, wrote "Send to Vince" on it, and gave it to the person in front of me. To my surprise, they passed it to the person in front of them, and this went on until the camera got to Vince on stage. I was shocked that I was able to get the camera back. This video shows a raw look at festival life -- it was unplanned, and is all footage from one shot.

My Role was:

I did everything except for edit it! Jack Gorlin edited it with my creative direction.

2020 Awards

Young Guns Winner
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