2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Sundays at the Triple Nickel

Agency Jess Colquhoun

Client Crown Royal



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Short film and commercials for Crown Royal, celebrating Marjorie Eliot who begun her own jazz show from her Harlem apartment 26 years ago. A homage to the buildings legendary musical history whilst creating her own exceptional legacy. A pursuit to overcome grief and loss with celebration and community, seeking solace in the music.

My Role was:

I first heard about Marjorie's Jazz Parlor through reading an online article two years ago and knew there was a film in the story immediately. I went to the concert a handful of times as an audience member, just experiencing the show and observing the world and community before approaching Rudie, Marjorie's son. I proposed the idea to Stept and we spent a few months building a relationship and expanding upon what the film could be. The concept felt a very natural fit with Crown Royal both tonally and thematically, as they spotlight stories that focus on community and living generously, which was the essence of Marjorie's story. When the project was green-lit I was able to Direct Marjorie's story as a short film and in commercial format.

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