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Client SHA inc.



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Plotter Drawing is a new method of expression and typography where the digital and the physical coalesce. Digital format is an indispensable tool in today's creative industry, and creators have continuously created works faster and more accurately by utilizing various types of software. However, digital expression, which lacks physical mass, seems to have lost expressive depth in place of accuracy and efficiency. In a digital era today, the appeal of physical expression should be reexamined. For this reason, we developed a new expressive method where digital information is converted into physical mechanical movement and drawings are drawn with writing utensils such as pencils, ballpoint pens and brush pens. Unintended scrapes and nonuniformity resulting from physical factors such as friction and weight are characteristic expressions and Plotter Drawing intentionally create such captivating trouble. We were successful in disseminating ideas about possibility of new expression where the digital and the physical coalesce.

My Role was:

My company's CEO Kazushige Takebayashi and I were key person in this project. We did all of planning, made concept, art direction and designed the shape of 26 letters, book cover design, book interior design, space design and created tools of the exhibition (posters, DM, bunner). Especially my important role was doing finish work for all advertising media and typography's shape design. We were collaborated with an artist who had used Plotter cutting machine as a painting machine, I designed the shape of these letters and he created this texture inside the letter by plotter drawing by my art direction.

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