2020 Young Guns - Young Guns


Agency Natsuki Isa

Client Seigensha Art Publishing,Inc.



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The 360∞Book is a completely new book format realized as a fusion of traditional skills and advanced technologies. These books are opens out into a 3D diorama. The reader's eye gradually deep dives from the packaging, to the cover of the book, to the contents of the book, in a process that allows the story to be The design is designed to evoke the development of the book. In order to make a non-verbal, visually-driven book work, we have to find a way to tell the story in an impressive way, and I did. 360∞BOOK has sold more than 100 thousand copies in 180 book stores, museum shops, boutique stores in Japan as well as overseas. The series is currently sold in 20 different countries and expects to expand.

My Role was:

Collaborated with architect, I designed 360∞book. My role was designed packaging design and book cover design. Made each title's typography and graphic design. Because 360∞Book contains no words as all, so they need to overcome linguistic barriers. In attracting people through out the world, I had to make a visual with impact.

2020 Awards

Young Guns Winner
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