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Bon Appétit

Agency Zuzanna Rogatty

Client Condé Nast



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The design of the lettering in Bon Appetit Healthy-ish issue emphasized the messaging and theme of the magazine: a story about a light-hearted healthy lifestyle, new year's resolutions of how to feel better and be lighter with yourself. The unexpected bubbly letters stood out in the layouts and together with the expressive script titles tied the sections of the story together.

I designed the following lettering: the cover piece Healthy-ish accompanied by smaller scripts; a story opener Feel Better in 2020, a set of script headlines and a number set 1-19 for the article's sections. Some of the headlines were composed together with illustrations by Justyna Stasik and turned out to work really well together.

My Role was:

I was responsible for designing the lettering for Bon Appetit Magazine, the Healthy-ish 2020 issue. I came up with the concept, letterforms and color palette.

Design Director: Chris Cristiano

Art Director: Christa Guerra

2020 Awards

Young Guns Winner
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