2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

Internetting with Amanda Hess

Agency Tala SafiƩ

Client The New York Times



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Andrew Sondern and I teamed up to bring the feeling of the internet to the newspaper in a special print section in the New York Times. The section is drawn from a series of video essays edited by Shane O'Neill and hosted by Amanda Hess, a critic at The Times who writes about internet culture. It covers everything from the rapid ascendance of dog memes to the dark side of parenting YouTube. Given the subject matter and the on-its-face absurdity of putting internet videos into print, we set out (tongue planted firmly in cheek) to reconsider some of the basic assumptions of a newspaper. Full-sheet poster illustrations by Erik Carter and Tracy Ma in the style of found imagery break the text flow; and the posters, too, are peppered with overlays of decontextualized thumbnails.

My Role was:

I was the designer and art director of this print special section, alongside Andrew Sondern.

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