2020 Young Guns - Young Guns

It’s Nice That X Coal Drops Yard: Double Take

Agency Jaedoo Lee

Client Coal Drops Yard



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It's Nice That reached out to six different artists (Arina Shabanova, Eva Cremers, Wang & Soderstrom, Raman Djafari, Milo Targett, and me) to create unique "double takes" based on the branding they had done for Coal Drops Yard in London. All groups were given different shapes to animate into unique pieces. I was given a stack of purple rectangles. I wanted to bring the original shape out of its flat form and give it dimension through blossoming flowers, which to me represented the transformation of the Coal Drops Yard space from its original state. What were once factory buildings have turned into a hub for shopping, food, and culture.

My Role was:

My role in this project involved conceptualizing, sketching, illustrating, and cel animating this purple flower.

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