Young Guns 19 Jury

Eme Carranza

Art Director. Founder

Eme Carranza Studio

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires in 2013, in which I also was a graphic design professor for 3 years. I am passionate about graphic design but it's not enough to express my ideas, so I immerse myself in the universe of cinema, set design and costumes. In 2015 I filmed my own documentaries. At the same time, I worked as an independent art director for brands. In 2016 I founded “Eme Carranza Studio”, an interior design and brand studio development based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today it’s 100% dedicated to developing stores and commercial spaces, by combining all disciplines when designing. I approach the space like a movie scene, and the concept as a plot of where the graphic universe emerges. I like to play with the senses and appeal to the emotional memory we have about the signs and elements that surround us. I want people to interact and become one with the spaces I design.

My goal is to create a new experience with a strong concept that is worth remembering.




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