Young Guns 19 Jury

Pablo Berger

YG10 | Design Director

berger + Co.

Basel, Switzerland

Pablo Berger is a Mexican-born designer, founder and director of berger + Co., a Swiss-based international visual communication agency with an emphasis in graphic design, spatial design and digital development. Be it a poster, a book, an interactive installation, a film or a curated exhibition, his work seeks to create solutions that always answer three basic questions at an equal level: aesthetics, meaning and function... A single solution addressing and answering all three questions equally. With his agency, he has created a professional platform through which to cultivate ideas, initiate discussions and establish relationships, where constantly teaching themselves how to learn again is core. Research is an integral part of the agency, an investment which ensures that original content they can believe in is created; each project allowing for new multidisciplinary territories to be explored.




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