Young Guns 19 Jury

Reza Abedini

Art Director & Graphic Designer


Tehran, Iran

Born in 1967, Reza Abedini studied graphic design at the School of Fine Arts in Tehran, followed by a degree in painting and Printmaking from the Art University of Tehran (1992). From 1989 then on he has been working as a designer, teacher and researcher in the field of Typography, Graphic Design and visual arts in general. in 1993 he Founded Reza Abedini Studio in Tehran, Iran and orien+atiolab Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2008. He created the publication and collective, Dabireh in 2005, which opened new horizons as a research center on Persian typography and its relationship with the traditional Iranian culture. Abedini works at offering new graphic and typographic standards that fits the specificities of the perso-arabic letters and include the originality of its visual culture, meanwhile staying open to intercultural dialogue. He carried his research through a professional career accomplished both in Iran and at an international level as an artist, graphic designer, professor, editor and visual art critic. In 2006 he was the laureate of the award given by the Prince Claus Foundation, which rewarded his remarkable contribution in valorizing Iranian graphic design. He teaches today graphic design at the American University of Beirut.




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