Young Guns

Young Guns is a portfolio competition awarding creative professionals 30 years and under, including designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and more!

Young Guns 20 Jury

Esosa Osagiede

Head of Creative

Leo Burnett

Lagos, Nigeria

For reasons that could very possibly be DNA (or very more possibly rebellion), Esosa has always tended to zag when everyone else zigs. She zagged when she decided to become a copywriter in Nigeria instead of a lawyer (still no, thanks mother) some 16 years ago. She zagged when she “owned” briefs during her first rodeo at FCB – her supervisors were very well pleased, let me tell you. She zagged when she chose 141Worldwide (they were in the WPP family at that time) out of all the other agency-suitors because who doesn’t gravitate towards challenges? She zagged when she, a fierce loyalist, said goodbye to the WPP family after 8 years of great vibes (and work, I promise) and said hello to Leo Burnett Lagos in 2016. She zagged when she created executions that could put Cersei Lannister to shame for brands such as Vodacom, MoneyGram, British American Tobacco, Etisalat, Multichoice Nigeria, Nestle, World Bank, Phillip Morris International, Arla, and tons of indigenous brands. She zagged when she switched to the client lane to lead marketing at a luxury brand in Nigeria in 2020 and zagged again when she switched over to agency lane 7 months later (there’s only so much suits this creative can put up with before she declares: enough!) OR (first loves, am I right?). She now zags as the Creative Lead in Leo Burnett Lagos, winning global accounts like Burger King. Esosa, or The Zag as she fondly calls herself, is super passionate about putting people at the center of her creative solutions and has this laser vision to influence positive behavior change locally and globally using her creative prowess/magic/mind/wand. Esosa must be on her third jug of green tea to be writing about herself in the third person and if she’s not careful, she may begin to speak about herself in the third person too. Because, zag.




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