Young Guns

Young Guns is a portfolio competition awarding creative professionals 30 years and under, including designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and more!

Young Guns 20 Jury

Mpho Twala

Director + Partner

The Rudeboy Collective

Johannesburg, South Africa

Mpho comes from a producer background and spent a few years honing his filmmaking craft in Belgium. This experience, along with an innately perceptive eye and a love for collaboration, have laid the foundation for where he is right now. A selfless mentor who is deeply committed to transformation in the local SA industry. To get Mpho, you need to meet him. He’s all about real stories, unfiltered emotional authenticity, cultural accuracy and exploring how blackness is envisaged. His work has received multiple awards and ardent respect, but it’s his deeply sensitive approach that makes him really stand out. Patient, personal and passionate, he has a unique way of gently but relentlessly navigating his team towards the mercurial. He is defined as much by his impeccable work as he is by his generous demeanour.




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