Young Guns 1 WINNERS

1996: Art Directors Club Members Jeffrey Metzner and Bill Oberlander proposed the creation of an award which would identify and honor young creative professionals. The multi-disciplinary group would be known as the Young Guns, and would be evaluated on the strength of their entire portfolios, rather than a single piece of work.

The first class of Young Guns was curated by a selection committee of seven esteemed creatives who hand-picked 140 New York-based creative professionals 35 years of age and younger from among scores of nominees. The winners were honored with a five-week exhibition beginning on December 10, 1996.


Bridget De Socio

the dog house @poochclub

Bridget de Socio, known for her tech with taste style has set standards for design innovation since her retinal popping days at Paper magazine.
Reflecting back upon a time when Fellini was still alive and remarking how appropo that he died 'on Halloween~ back when photography was still film and design was in CS2 Mac.. when apples were mostly known for temptation and the fruit of trees. Today she can be found at the end of a leash with a dog off the chain, an entrepreneur in pursuit of the co-evolutionary reason for being ' human'. @poochclub we are followers of the canine ethos, and believe that social networks were invented by dogs.




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