Young Guns 10 WINNERS

2012: For the tenth edition of Young Guns, the program abandoned its 50-winner quota, opting to simply award the very best entries, no matter how big or small the class would be. The result: a lean and mean Young Guns 10 class of 34 exceptionally talented winners.

The Young Guns 10 Cube and annual, both designed by YG5 winners Andre Andreev and Dress Code, and hand-lettered by Timothy Goodman (YG7), were made of concrete (yes, a book with concrete covers!) and emblazoned with Roman numeral Xs to mark the class. The ceremony and party took place on November 8, 2012.


Maricor Maricar

MaricorMaricar is a twin-sized studio based in Sydney, Australia. They're designers that illustrate and illustrators who embroider. They've made the most of their slightly obsessive compulsive impulses by taking up embroidery as their method of choice creating hand made tactile graphics and lettering.




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