Young Guns 10 WINNERS

2012: For the tenth edition of Young Guns, the program abandoned its 50-winner quota, opting to simply award the very best entries, no matter how big or small the class would be. The result: a lean and mean Young Guns 10 class of 34 exceptionally talented winners.

The Young Guns 10 Cube and annual, both designed by YG5 winners Andre Andreev and Dress Code, and hand-lettered by Timothy Goodman (YG7), were made of concrete (yes, a book with concrete covers!) and emblazoned with Roman numeral Xs to mark the class. The ceremony and party took place on November 8, 2012.


Gabriel Shalom

Gabriel Shalom is an artist and director living and working in New York City. He creates signature video artworks and branded content. He has refined his idiosyncratic craft of audiovisual counterpoint since 2004. His work sits at the intersection of fashion, beauty, design, and dance. His six-video EP Faces of N. was compared to the music of Matthew Herbert and Matmos by the editor of Italian Rolling Stone. He has been commissioned by global brands such as MINI, Sephora, and Shure. His works have exhibited in festivals such as Resonate, KiKK, and Transmediale. His solo exhibition The Tosso Variations premiered at MU Artspace, Eindhoven. He is an ADC Young Gun, has been profiled by French Vogue, and his work has been featured on The Creators Project, Fast Co. Design, and Create

Object Oriented Agency: Gabriel Shalom Client: MINI Category: YG10 Year: 2012
The Tosso Variations Agency: Gabriel Shalom Client: Private Category: YG10 Year: 2012
wash choose peel chop rinse Agency: Gabriel Shalom Client: Transmediale 2011 Category: YG10 Year: 2012
Station IDs Agency: Gabriel Shalom Client: ALL MUSIC Category: YG10 Year: 2012
Videomusical Self Portrait Agency: Gabriel Shalom Client: Private Category: YG10 Year: 2012




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