Young Guns 11 WINNERS

2013: "Level UP" was the theme of Young Guns 11, with a video game identity and a crystalline, pixelated Cube created by Jamie Carreiro and Grand Army. The November 7, 2013 ceremony and party continued the theme, inducting 37 new "highest score" winners into the Young Guns family.


Keenan Cummings


About 3 years ago, I was working at a designer's dream job: reputable agency, high standards for work, great clients‚ but I just couldn't get into the work. I decided to leave and a few months later after some intense soul searching; endless research, meetings and interviews; and on the back of some heavy financial strain and the arrival of a new born baby, I left to cofound a company. For the past 2 years I have poured myself into building Wander, a company that builds digital products that help you tell your life story.

I have discovered that my creativity is driven by the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. As I continue to build and grow Wander, I fill the time I have left with writing and a few ongoing side projects.




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