Young Guns 11 WINNERS

2013: "Level UP" was the theme of Young Guns 11, with a video game identity and a crystalline, pixelated Cube created by Jamie Carreiro and Grand Army. The November 7, 2013 ceremony and party continued the theme, inducting 37 new "highest score" winners into the Young Guns family.


Ryan Hopkinson

Emerging visual artist Ryan Hopkinson works across film and photography with an aesthetic that plays to the sensibility of fashion and luxury image making. A collision of art and commerce Ryan’s work is positioned at the intersection of science, form and technology, blending influences from each to create a unique and highly conceptual style that’s always created in-camera with varying degrees of live special effects, techniques and specialist research.

The intention to urge the viewer to think whilst inviting an emotional response is one of the core values of Ryan’s work whilst seeking to produce and deliver something more than a film or photograph is at the heart of the concepts. The idea of creating and forming new objects or spaces is something he continuously seeks, as demonstrated in a special film commission for Sony where Ryan was tasked with concepting a fully working spiral sculpture made entirely of smart phones that could work if placed in a public space or live fashion show as well as within a viral film format online.

His stills have featured in a range of publications including Twin, Creative Review, Elle, Printed Pages, 125 and his commercial work has been commissioned and screened through installations by Issey Miyake, Sony, Nowness, the British Fashion Council, Nike & Chivas, amongst others. Ryan regularly seeks out unexpected collaborators such as British designer and New Gen recipient Christopher Raeburn, culinary/installation genius Bompas & Parr and fashion/science creative Lauren Bowker on both stills and video projects.




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