Young Guns 13 WINNERS

2015: This is remembered as being the "tough" year; while the number of submissions remained high, the jury was very unforgiving when it came to work that displayed the slightest hint of mediocrity They held up every entry to the highest possible standards, and in the end, only nineteen Young Guns 13 winners were selected — the smallest list in Young Guns history.

The Young Guns 13 Cube, designed by YG10 winners Dark Igloo alongside design studio Chen&Kai, is comprised of personal and professional objects acquired from all twelve previous Young Guns classes, broken down and embedded into a truly individual trophy. When the winners received their hard-earned honors on September 17, 2015, they weren't just making history, they were taking home a piece of it too.


Hugo Hoppmann

2x4 Inc.

Hugo Hoppmann (b. 1988 in Cologne) is a New York City-based designer and art director for print and digital, working on a variety of projects from identities and websites to books and magazines. Alongside his studies at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) in Switzerland he interned at Bureau Mirko Borsche, worked for Berlin-based 032c magazine and founded his own publication Better Mjstakes. After graduating in 2011 he spent a powerful year at Meiré und Meiré working for clients including KENZO Paris, Interview Magazine, GQ Italia and Neue Zürcher Zeitung. In 2013 he returned to independency working for regional and international clients as well as pursuing his personal projects and teaching at educational and cultural institutions. In 2015 Hugo joined 2x4 in NYC, working for a variety of clients including Fondazione Prada and Miu Miu.
Typeface: V.U.C.A. Agency: Hugo Hoppmann Client: Category: YG13 Year: 2015
Typeface: Male and Female Agency: Hugo Hoppmann Client: Category: YG13 Year: 2015
Visual Identity & Billboards Agency: Hugo Hoppmann Client: KUNSTSTIFTUNG NRW Category: YG13 Year: 2015
Redesign: Italian Gentlemen’s Quarterly Agency: Hugo Hoppmann Client: Condé Nast Category: YG13 Year: 2015




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